Chicken salad $9.50
Ham salad $8.50
+ avocado $1.00
Bacon and egg $8.50
roll, wrap or sandwich, fresh or toasted  
Breakfast plate $14
Bacon, 2x eggs, fried tomato, hash brown, cafe toast. Your choice of sauce.  
Hamburger plain $12
Patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce  
with the lot $15.50
+ bacon, egg, onion  
Hot dog $7
+ cheese $7.50
+ bacon and onion $9.50
+ the lot $11
Please choose from sauce: tomato, BBQ or Nana's; mustard: Hot English, whole grain, American; relish: gherkin  


- on your choice of wholemeal or white bread and sauce  
B.L.T on croissant $8.50
Wedges $10
with sour cream and sweet chilli  
Bowl of chips $7
please note this is a large bowl of chips  
Build your own sandwich - fresh $6
- toasted $7
on white or brown bread  
choose from - ham, turkey or curry egg  
add - tomato, cucumber, carrot, lettuce  
with - mayo, cranberry  
+ avocado or cheese or in wrap 50c
Chicken, lettuce and avocado sandwich - fresh $7
Ham and cheese croissant $7
Pie, pasty, sausage roll $4.50
Fish and chips $15.50
Add chips to any order $2