Driving range and ball hire

Children learning how to play golf

The driving range is available when club is open. No bookings required.

  • Grassed tee block
  • Accurate distance markers
  • Real balls, not reduced flight
  • Over 350m length
  • Lessons available

Ball and club hire available from the Pro Shop. 

Three clubs and a large basket of balls for $20. 


Small - $6 (approx 35 balls)

Medium - $10 (approx 70 balls)

Large - $15 (approx 100 balls)

  • You cannot use your own balls between 7am-6pm.

  • All balls and baskets on the range belong to the Pro Shop. 

  • Collecting range balls will be considered theft and police will be notified.


When it's time to hit the driving range, one of the most important things you can do is to be prepared. That doesn't just mean having all the right clubs in your bag or making sure to remember your golf shoes. It also means knowing the rules and regulations of the driving range you'll be using. While every range will have different rules, most of them share some in common.

Leave balls and baskets at the range

This is most likely the most universal and most important rule of the driving range. Because supplying you with a bucket of balls is how the driving range makes its money, they take it very seriously when someone absconds with a handful of range balls to use for their next round. Instead of trying to save a few bucks by pilfering range balls, head to the pro shop and pick up some used golf balls on the cheap. Many shops sell slightly used golf balls at a reasonable discount if you don't have the cash to afford new ones.

No outside instruction

Many driving ranges are part of golf courses and employ professional golf instructors full-time to help you with your game, and thus don't allow outside instructors to come in and hold practices on their facilities. Check with your driving range before you show up for an official paid practice session to see if outside instructors are allowed.

Ground Staff are constantly moving around tee areas in order to help the grass grow, which is why they set up specific areas for you to use for practice. Whether you're teeing off natural grass or tee mats, hit your clubs only in the designated areas, even if you're not thrilled with your angle or line of sight. Don't try moving your practice mat, either, in order to get a better angle.


Driving Range is closed for a short time each day while balls are being picked up by a designated person. Do not hit balls at this time, even if you think you will miss. Accidents do happen.